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New York Times

My podcast, Completely Fucking Clueless, was featured in the New York Times! The New York Times featured CFC in the May 14th, 2023, edition of the Sunday Times. Earlier this year, my co-host and I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with the author of 'The Defining Decade,' Meg Jay and the NYT to talk about being a twentysomething and how the uncertainties presented in this decade led us to start our podcast. 




After graduating from college, my life felt more uncertain and directionless than ever. Seeking structure and creativity, I turned to my equally clueless bestie, Audrey, and asked her to start a podcast with me. Knowing we couldn't be the only twentysomethings struggling to feel steady in our new-found adulthood, we created our original podcast, Completely Fucking Clueless (CFC). CFC is a corner of the internet where life's uncertainties are explored and celebrated. Every week we share our raw and vulnerable twentysomething fears, successes, and failures with the goal of making others feel less alone. We also bring on a variety of guests who offer valuable insight and relatability to our listeners. In our first year, we have been recognized by Spotify Podcasts, accumulated over 30,000 followers on our social media platforms, and gained over 15,000 podcast downloads. 

Completely Fucking



Team Epiphany Internship

In October 2021, I started as a part-time social media intern at Team Epiphany. Team Epiphany is a full-service creative agency born from an intimate network of influencer relationships. The agency focuses on influencing culture and being a catalyst for change in the marketing space. I have had the incredible opportunity to learn about the business of social media and expand my content creation skills by leading the social media team on all things TikTok. I am ecstatic to continue my work here through the spring!



Content Creation

Along with my podcast, I have taken my passion for entertainment to various social media platforms. Over the past year, I have developed short-form video editing and content ideation skills. My personal channels, @sarahaliceliddy (TikTok and Instagram), garnered the attention of a digital growth agency, Darkroom Agency. Through them, I have worked with numerous brands by creating User-Generated Content for their social media platforms. Some of these brands include FEED, Rinna Beauty, GSTQ, and more!


Interesting in working with me? Check out my UGC portfolio here:  

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 8.25.24 PM.png

Spring 2021


After four incredible years at Elon University I am thrilled to announce that I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre this past spring. Post graduation, I am headed to Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts to take part in their summer season. After that, I will be returning home to New York to pursue my performance career. Thank you to all my teachers, mentors, friends, and family that have helped me reach this point in my career! I couldn’t have done this without you all!

Sarah Alice Liddy _ Graduation.jpeg

Roger Rees Awards

In 2014, I was honored to win the Roger Rees Award, then known as the Gershwin Award, for Best Actress in a Musical. Each year after, the Roger Rees Award team has invited me to be an alumni social media correspondent during the awards program. Over the past seven years, Susan E. Lee and the rest of the RRA team have become one of my dearest theatre communities. 

Therefore, I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to intern under Susan E. Lee for the 2021 Roger Rees Awards. My position offers me the extraordinary opportunity to oversee the program's social media accounts, interact with alumni, and meet many industry professionals. A huge 'Thank You' to Susan and the team for trusting me with this position.

Spring 2021


Social Media Intern

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