Hi Doll!

My name is Sarah Alice Liddy (she/her), welcome to my website! My love of performing blossomed at the ripe age of three years old when I often threw on a hot pink boa, Disney princess heels, grabbed a microphone, and sang "Dancing Queen" for my family.


After a brief attempt to be 'sporty,' my mom suggested I ditch soccer practice for voice lessons. Thank God she realized I had no athletic ability because here I am still singing 15 years later!

Born and raised right outside of New York City, in Westchester, NY, I was able to live the best of both worlds as a suburban girl by day and a city girl every moment in between. I insisted on being a plane flight away for college and headed down south to Elon University, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre in May of 2021.


I am passionate about creating meaningful and thought-provoking artistic experiences. I believe art transcends beyond entertainment when it instigates change. Therefore, I strive to create theatre that impacts audience members. I have succeeded at my job when you walk out of one of my performances a different person than who you were when you walked in.


I am also passionate about every reality tv show Bravo has to offer, chilling with friends, exploring different countries, and seeking out-of-the-box experiences (did I mention I took a gap year before attending college?).

Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free to click around to find out more about me!

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