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My name is Sarah Alice Liddy

(she/her). Welcome to my website! My love of performing blossomed at the ripe age of three when I would throw on a hot pink boa, Disney princess heels, grab a microphone, and sing "Dancing Queen" for my family. 


After a brief attempt to fit in with the "sporty girls," my mom suggested I ditch soccer practice for voice lessons. Luckily, it was a match, and here I am, still performing nearly 20 years later! 


Born and raised right outside New York City, in Westchester, NY, I lived the best of both worlds as a suburban girl by day and a city girl every moment in between. I got a taste of the rural life when I headed down south for college, and in the spring of 2021, I graduated from Elon University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre. 


Since graduating, I have expanded my performing horizons by co-creating an original podcast, Completely Fucking Clueless (CFC). CFC is a corner of the internet where life's uncertainties are explored and celebrated! CFC allows me to take my passion for creating meaningful artistic experiences and combine it with my love of connecting with others. 


Additionally, taking charge of CFC’s social media presence has allowed me to discover the close connection between performance and content creation. This realization was the catalyst for me to begin creating content for my personal social media channels and brands. I love how social media offers the opportunity for creatives to show up “onstage” whenever and however they please. My channels offer me the space to be my most authentic self, where I do not need to fit into a “type” constructed by the entertainment industry. 


When I am not working on building my empire (lol), you can catch me exploring the NYC restaurant scene, chilling with friends, traveling, and seeking out-of-the-box experiences (did I mention I took a gap year before attending college?). 


Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free to click around to find out more about me!

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